Friday, July 13, 2012

Children dying left in hot cars

Why did it take two tragedies? A wake-up call on child safety - The National

There have been a number of incidents here where children or babies have been left by their parents or grandparents in their cars without the a/c on in temperatures over 40C. They have tragically "forgotten" about their child and left them in car. Idiots.

Studies have shown that the temperature inside the car can very quickly rise 20-30 degrees higher inside the car than the outside temperature. In a country where temperatures can rise to 50C outside, children will die within minutes. It seems this is not just a problem here in the Middle East. In Arizona, they have the same issue. Their population is similar to the UAE, but have a much higher rate of child deaths for the same reason.

Now, I am pretty forgetful (ask my Caz!) , but I fail to see how you can forget your own child and leave them cooking (for that is what it is) in your car.

There are moves to make this an offence in law here, but I don't see why they can't use Manslaughter, or whatever the equivalent is here in the UAE, to throw the book at them. These people don't deserve to have children and should have the full weight of the law used against them.

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