Monday, July 23, 2012

Lovely old Benz

Saw this today outside Le Meridien Hotel. Not really sure what model (maybe someone can tell me), but looks like something from the mid-30's.

...complete with original stereo :-)


  1. It is a fiberglass bodied kitcar based on an early 1970's VW Beetle chassis. Note the rear lamps, steering wheel and column, speedometer, radio, tubular bumpers, VW front suspension, boat scoops behind the rear fenders, faux wire wheels and frame bits hanging out. Hardly MB tradition or quality. VW all the way!

    While probably fun to drive even with a Wolfsburg air-cooled 4-banger in the boot, it is like the UAE, looks good from a distance but on closer inspection it is not as advertised!

  2. Ah hah! Thanks for the comment - good to have an expert around!

  3. can we import kit car like this in UAE?