Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abu Dhabi Big Band at Abu Dhabi Film Festival Opening Night

On Thursday night we played a gig at the Emirates Palace for the opening night of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. The EP had a pretty tight security lock down for the evening, as there were various Sheikhs in attendance along with a Mr Richard Geer! As a result we were not allowed to drive ourselves in to the place, but had to meet a bus at Marina Mall to bus us into the tradesman's entrance - how undignified!

When we got there we were taken through the bowels of the hotel to our 'green room" , which was beside the auditorium and appeared to be a ballet rehearsal room. On the way I saw a couple of interesting signs....

...well I guess the least they can do is give him his own lift!

...if in doubt, read the instructions!

...I thought about practicing my Plié and Retiré Devant, but didn't want to scare anyone with my bare legs....

While the opening night film was showing (Arbitrage starring Richard Geer) , we went out for our sound check. The back of the EP had been transformed into a very posh garden party venue, which looked amazing.


After sound check and before our set, they took us back inside for some food, where we experienced the usual EP hospitality with a lovely buffet spread, which I have to say is probably the best gig food I have ever had!....

The gig went really well, with some great comments afterwards. There was a small press piece on The National's blog of the event which you can read here. Basically - a good time was has by all. 

However, we knew he was there, but there was no sighting of the Lesser Spotted Dick !

 The National

 (I'm top right, but obscured by a Bass Trombone!) :-)

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