Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Bert!

Bert, a fellow blogger ( , was trying to get some friends of his to understand what the parking is like in Abu Dhabi. He blogged a few pictures of mine, but I’m not sure they were the best examples of the problem.

Below is a picture taken tonight showing the parking area for my apartment block. There are 16 marked bays to serve the occupants of 72 apartments – hence the problem. At least we have 8 bays, most blocks do not have any. A wider view would show every available piece of road real estate that could possibly be used for parking (and some of the pavement), is used – leaving the narrowest of passages for a car to get through.

The protocol is to leave your mobile number on your windscreen so if someone needs you to move your car you can be contacted. If you cannot be contacted, after a while the police will be called and your car will be towed away.

Because of this system, parking spaces that are not blocking anyone else are like gold dust! It saves getting a call at some unearthly hour to move your car!

Bert – feel free to use it!


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