Sunday, October 25, 2009

It was only a matter of time…..

There is a new motorway opened that runs from the port area of Abu Dhabi across Saadiyat Island, over Yas Island and then joins the main Abu Dhabi to Dubai motorway. It cuts off about 20-30 mins. from my journey to Dubai. I have travelled to Dubai 6 days out of the last 8, so I have made pretty good use of it. Tonight on my way back I saw the inevitable – the first accident I have seen on it. I’m sure there must have been others but it’s the first I have seen. A car had driven into the side of a small van. The police were on the scene and had closed off 2 of the inside lanes.

Now, bearing in mind that there are 5 lanes each way and as yet there are very few cars on this road, I kind of think it is probably harder to hit something, than not!

…. this place is full of idiots!

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