Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raffles Dubai today

I was at a business event today at Raffles, Dubai. I’d never been to the hotel before, but it looked very nice.

The meeting room next to ours was hosting a meeting of the UAE National Olympic Committee. We were told that we either had to leave our room and go to the restaurant at 12 noon, or wait until 1pm, because they had a Sheikh visiting next door at 12.15.

When I left a little after lunch, there was quite an array of very expensive cars parked at the entrance. I couldn’t resist taking a video clip. I pan across, taking a quick look at the two Government black Mercedes (reg numbers 208 and 209). From left to right there was: Bentley Continental, Aston Martin convertible, Range Rover, McLaren Mercedes 722S Roadster (only 150 made), Audi RS6 Special Edition, another McLaren Mercedes (!), 7 Series BMW, another Range Rover! Certainly over a million quids worth I reckon….here’s the video clip:-

Here’s a picture of the water feature in the hotel lobby (sorry, only from my phone)


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