Saturday, December 5, 2009

Camel Farm

We have had Caroline’s mum and Jamie, our nephew, staying with us this week. They wanted to see the desert, so we drove towards Al Ain and stopped near one of the camel farms. Near the camel farms there were some huge stretches of field laid out with straw bales – no idea what they were for.

We stopped off at a park in Baniyas on the way back for Jamie to let off some more steam. It was quite quiet with just a few families having picnics. I think they were a bit surprised to see expats in this park, as Baniyas is really very much a “local” district.

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DSC_2634                   DSC_2654


DSC_2645                  DSC_2641

DSC_2644              DSC_2655

DSC_2663                 DSC_2657


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