Sunday, December 13, 2009

The rain continues

I had the misfortune of having to drive to Dubai this morning through torrential rain. Normally at home I wouldn't think twice about this really, but here this involves seriously putting your life at risk. Actually it wasn't too bad - I only saw 9 major car crashes between Abu Dhabi and Dubai! The first 2 were on the Saadiyat highway (emptiest piece of motorway in Abu Dhabi) two cars on the fast lane hard shoulder and another on the slow lane hard shoulder for the first accident and another 2 cars in the second (2 more on this stretch on the way home btw). These drivers really are the most brain-dead individuals, I actually think the drivers of the UAE share 1 brain cell, but the one they share is used up working their mobile phone.

I would bet that all of the "accidents" caused this morning could have been avoided if they weren't driving like tossers (not sure if "tossers" is going to get the web police onto me, but hey, that's what they are!). Even in sideways rain they still drive at 160kmph (100 mph) on their phone, tailgating within inches. I had to slow to 70 because any faster and I couldn't see a thing.

One of the most annoying things they do here in rain (and fog) is put their hazard warning lights on the whole time. This helps no-one. Now you don't know if they are going left, right or whether there is actually a hazard coming up. They seem to think that rain per se is a hazard, whereas in fact, they are they hazard!

Below is a short clip taken on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai this afternoon. Once again Caz says I am a hazard by doing this, but trust me, I could be videoing, making a cup of tea, doing a Rubik's cube and putting my tie on all at the same time and still not be as dangerous as some of the guys I have seen today!

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