Wednesday, December 16, 2009

World Club Cup Final

….will be between Barcelona and Estudiantes, the South American Champions from Argentina, on Saturday evening – and I have a ticket, woo hoo! I’ll have to support Barca, not only are they from Europe, but I can’t bring myself to shout for Argentina – yes we are still sore about the Falklands!

As well as the Barcelona stars there will be Juan Sebastian Veron, former Man Utd player playing for Estudiantes.

This tournament doesn’t really get much of a look coverage at home, it’s seen as a bit of a “Mickey Mouse” event, but here it’s been built up as a big thing. There was 40,000+ at tonight’s game between Barca and Antlante from Mexico. The final is at Zayed Sports City which has a capacity of 45000 and is sold out.

I am looking forward to seeing some live footy though.. should be good.

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