Friday, July 9, 2010

Fatwa on vuvuzelas

Ah hah! A "fatwa" (religious legal ruling) that I can agree with!

The UAE's General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments has made a ruling (no.11625) that vuvuzelas are "Haram" (illegal under Sharia law) if they generate noise greater that 100 decibels and therefore can endanger the hearing of others.

One Arab entrepreneur has had to cancel his order of 10,000 vuvuzelas from a UK company for fear of being in breach of the fatwa. It seems that all the various vuvuzelas for sale in the UAE tested above 100 decibels.

So the UAE can be spared the onslaught of vuvuzelas - yippee!

Maybe Sharia Law in the UK wouldn't be such a bad thing...........

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The National - News
09 Jul 2010

ABU DHABI // Three weeks ago, most people had never heard of the vuvuzela. Now, many wish they never had. For players and fans alike, the plastic trumpet, whose drone has been likened to a swarm of bees, has become the unmistakable background sound more...

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  1. With all the issues we Muslims have that do infact need study and rulings, this, THIS is what they came up with?!