Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ghastly golf!

Much against my better judgement I accepted an invitation to play golf yesterday, teeing off at 3pm. Mistake. School boy error of the highest order.

Yesterday at 3pm it was 46C here. Humidity; c. 85%. Bad, bad mistake.

The idea was that we would play 9 holes. Both of us had had enough after 7. It was the most horrible, disgusting, sweaty round of golf I have ever had.

Some of my mates at work play all through the summer, mainly teeing off early in the morning, but even then it is very hot and would still be an unpleasant experience.

I am very much a fair weather golfer, here and at home.

So. Golf in the summer here. For me, never again!

Having said that, the course we chose is quite nice. I played it once before with a work friend, but that time under floodlights. It was difficult to form much of an opinion of the course as you couldn’t really see very much - including my ball! Yesterday you could see that the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club course (formally the Golf and Equestrian Club) is actually quite a calm oasis in the middle of the city island. The course is surrounded by a horse racing track, the whole place looks pretty well looked after and there is a nice clubhouse, bar and restaurant.

From this location it was really good hearing the afternoon prayer call, as you can hear the call from many locations and it bounces around, echoing in the air. It reminded me of hearing the prayer call when we were in the mountains at Hatta.

The pictures below don’t really do the place justice. They were just taken on my phone....




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