Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Late night activities

Not what you are thinking!

One good thing about being here is that things stay open late into the night. Groceries, laundry/dry cleaners, coffee shops etc.

So tonight when we got in after having dinner out I decided I could really do with my hair cutting. So at 10pm I went out. Right outside our apartment block I have a choice of 3 barber shops (or “Saloons” as they call them) clustered together. So for 20 Dhs (about £3.60) I got my hair cut followed by a 15 minute Indian head massage.

Here’s the result!


Yeah I know , I look like a yob and it looks like 3 quids worth!

Caroline had to go for a doctors visit to the hospital (all docs are in hospitals) about her back. While we were waiting for her to have an X-Ray taken I saw this poster that made me smile.....


No one ever seems to have translations proof read, so consequently you get a lot of errors.

While we were out in the car I took this picture.....note the time!


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