Friday, January 1, 2010

Anniversary Blog!

Well a whole year has passed since I started this blog! How the time has flown by! Last night we celebrated bringing in the new year with dinner at Mezzeluna restaurant at Emirates Palace. The meal was a bit fussy with one course even I couldn't eat (Risotto with black Perigord truffle and asparagus - yuk!), but the main course steak was lovely. We got to see the fireworks at midnight by the beach .. see below....

We were issued with NYE hats and tiaras, which of course I duly wore all the way home (hat, not tiara!).

I thought the tiara looked good on Budda at home!

When we got it I was able to Skype with my family who were altogether at my brother's house, although of course they had not reached new year at that point.

This year has been full of many ups and downs with I guess a couple of major turning points which have made it bearable staying put. Firstly was out move from Mohammed bin Zayed City into Abu Dhabi city centre. This was definitely the right thing to do and has made life so much easier, especially for Caz who can walk to work in 10 minutes from where we live.

The second thing was Caz's change of role at work. For the last number of years at home Caz had been working specialist roles working 9-5. When we got here that all changed and she was back to days/nights and weekends. With me working all the hours under the sun it was grim. Then she was asked to take on a clinic role working Sunday to Thursday 7.30-17.00, with no weekends. This has meant we have had all our weekends free, which has been so much better.

With the job market at home no better, it is looking very much like we will be staying put for another year. If it wasn't for a friends and family, we wouldn't mind at all really - but we do miss them all. We will again just have to make the most of the time we do get with them.

Here's to a good 2010!

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