Sunday, January 3, 2010

Capitala Tennis Championship

Yesterday evening we went to the final day of the tennis championship in Abu Dhabi. It's the second year they have run this, with Andy Murray winning last years tournament. It's a knockout, winner-takes-all competition between 6 top players. On the final day we saw Federer vs Ferrer and Soderling vs Nadal. Federer walked his match to take 3rd place with the final being a much more competitive match which Nadal won in the end.

The tennis stadium is very good. It's quite a "tight" stadium with everyone pretty close to the action and getting a good view. The weather hasn't been great lately and last night I actually felt pretty cold sat outdoors watching the tennis. Here's a picture of some of the crowd, most of whom had sensibly brought jumpers and jackets!

The spectacle wasn't too much of a draw for the VVIPs. The front row didn't bother to turn up at all and most of the others quickly got bored and left!

One thing that always irritates me about Nadal is the way he is constantly picking his pants out of his bum! Surely he could have shorts/pants made that would fit properly and not end up being chewed between his arse crack! It doesn't make for pleasant viewing.....and just so you can share the unpleasantness, here's a little montage of him doing it!

For the rest of my pictures take a look at the album below.

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  1. Hey Neil, have you seen this months Time Out Abu Dhabi? You're on page 3! You're famous!

  2. ooh err... I'll have to have a look!