Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Driving hate examples

For those who maybe don't get what I am going on about sometimes, I thought I would show you some examples of a couple of pet driving hates of mine from the UAE (taken yesterday).

.... oh and sorry if the music is not to your taste!

1. Driving in fog (or rain) with hazard warning lights on.

...so you don't know if there is actually a hazard coming up or not, or if they are going to move left or right (not that many people use their indicators anyway!)

2. Habitually driving in the fast lanes for no reason.

....there is no lane discipline. People just drive in the outer two lanes whether they are overtaking or not. Now at night, when this was taken, it is just annoying, but when the roads are busy it can be very dangerous when they are driving in the lane second from left at a slow speed. I just drive in the right lane unless I am overtaking - which I believe is the correct way to drive!

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