Saturday, June 23, 2012

Football mad

So we've made it through to the Quarter Finals. England play Italy tomorrow night. I have watched all the England games so far, despite the last few not kicking off until 22:45 here. All the games now kick off at that time. So I'll be off to Y Bar at the Yas Rotana again with a few mates to go and shout for my country. And if we win, it will be the age old rivals, Germany, in the Semis! Can't wait. Surely our time has come! And I hear Hodgson has been making sure the guys do plenty of penalty practice!

So in support and celebration I have decked out the front of the house. I had to. There was a house round the corner that had German flags all over it, so I can't let them have a free reign!

I think I will augment them with some Union Jacks and leave them up for the Olympics too!

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