Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leaving letter in Indglish

Communication here can be a challenge. There is such an eclectic mix of nationalities, speaking so many different native languages, all trying to communicate with each other. The largest groups of non-English-first-language speaking nationals are from India, Pakistan and The Philippines. In their striving to communicate, a number of phrases seem to have become like an accepted pigeon-English.

There are plenty of other sites that have outlined these like a UAE-English-English-UAE phrase book, so I won't repeat fully here, but a few examples are:-

Maamsirrrr : Sir/Madam
Same same : the same
Not in station : on leave
Do the needful : do what is neccesary
Please revert : get back to me

Anyway, today I saw an email that came into our office from a staff member from one of our suppliers. He is leaving his company, for what reason I don't know - it can't be his fantastic communication skills! It is written in classic "Indglish". It's brilliant and I wanted to share it .....

Dear All, 
As a change in my professional environment , I am relieving from my job, by today. 

  Many thanks for all who has helped me to build up a career in the professional environment with lots of experiences. 

  As a part of my career if I has hurt anybody, it was with a good intention only & I never feel sorry for the same. 

  Whoever I found something bad I used to criticize as I believe that a dearest friend should be the biggest criticizer, without checking the designations, as basically all are humans only. 

  And if anybody felt if I had cruised them badly, please provide the proper reason & I will be on their feet. 

  Any way we will meet somewhere around, those who have seen me. Or didn’t have till. 

  Hope some will remember me as a good friend or you will do as a enemy also. Anyway thanks for the remembrance. I deserved that only. 

  Any body wishes to contact me can mail to , from here onwards, because I don’t have access to the official ID herein. 

  Thanks & Regards 


  1. What a delightful letter (just a shame you redacted the email address)!

    You may or (may not) be interested to know that the more usual term for Indian English and Indian-English hybrids is Hinglish, probably because it looks less like a typo and Hindi is the main language across India. However, it may be different in the UAE, especially if the migrant workers from the subcontinent are mainly Muslim (and so less likely to speak Hindi as a mother tongue).

  2. Well I just made up "Indglish" .... it will do....