Monday, June 11, 2012

Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel

Another event Caz missed while she has been back in the UK looking after her son (as well as Madonna - she is gutted!), was a Rat Pack concert with a stay at the Hyatt. I tried selling the tickets, but with no luck, so I figured I may as well use them. I met up with a couple of friends who were also going, had a few drinks and crashed in the room.

The hotel is  very "businessy", the room was very nice, but the pool area and bars catered more to business travellers than tourists. There were some good views from the pool area though where you could see the Sheikh's palaces across the water. Nice.

The Rat Pack was ok, but terrible seats - right off the one side with a poor sideways view. The band were good though!

The room on the 25th floor

Views from the room

The central atrium

Views from the pool area

Looking up to the helipad

The lobby cafe area

A quick video from the pool area

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