Saturday, June 16, 2012

Worn Tyres #2

Since I wrote this...

...a couple of things have happened. Firstly I witnessed a tyre burst right in front of me. I was travelling on the highway when a pick up pulled out in front of me. It was clearly overloaded with god knows what, piled high covered in blankets. The load was way higher than the front cab of the pick-up. Anyway, I wanted to pass but he was just sticking where he was, so I decided to undertake into the two clear lanes to the right of him. Thank god I did. As I started to pull inside the tyre went. First of all it was like small shredded pieces flying under my car, but as I passed it quickly I could see in my rear view mirror the complete tyre unravelling and spraying all over the road. A few seconds more behind him and it would have been all over my car and would have been pretty dangerous.

Then, today there is a piece in The National about the same subject. Apparently 53 car crashes have been caused by blown tyres already this year in Abu Dhabi, 6 people have died and 7 seriously injured. Last year 17 people died due to burst tyres. Second hand tyres, overloading and speed seem to be the main issues.

So I guess I had a lucky escape!

Full article here...

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